October 6, 2022

Fighting Inflation with P2P Fintech

Everyone’s money gets hit by inflation– UK was 10% last month. That means the money you worked for and saved buys less and less. And if you’re in the developing world like me, your money doesn’t just get hit by inflation. It gets slammed. Destroyed. Completely wiped out.

Hello from Cuba! My name is Camilo, and I’m the founder of XFXHub.com, a community of fintech entrepreneurs united by a common vision– to help our friends and families beat inflation– and a common coin: $XFX.

Many families living in countries with high inflation receive dollars or euros from family members who have left to work abroad in the U.S or the EU. These remittance payments of hard currency make it easier to live in countries whose currencies lose value rapidly against those less inflationary currencies. In Cuba many families depend on remittances from friends and family in the U.S.

In Cuba and in many Latam countries, as well as Africa and Asia, including India, local banks and money transfer companies apply terrible exchange rates and fees that result in families receiving much less money from the remittances they are sent.

The XFX community is solving this problem with peer-to-peer remittance. We’ve developed a simple fintech template that makes it easy for anyone to help friends and family convert USD, EUR, BTC or any other currency to local money at free market exchange rates and with low fees.

We have hundreds of independent P2P remittance providers in our community and we’re collaborating to take XFX to the next level with discovery tools for free market rates of any currency and more.

Visit XFXhub.com to learn more. Join our Coin Community at XFX.slyk.io. Earn XFX by helping us grow. Redeem XFX for our P2P remittance template and to collaborate to help us build XFXhub into the leading P2P forex hub in the world.